Free industrial zones of Georgia

Free industrial zones

The opening of a company in the free industrial zone of Georgia (FIZ) allows companies to conduct legal business for companies, which are operating in almost every area of international business (production, trade, logistics, services, consulting, etc.) without paying basic taxes. In that case the only condition for tax preferences will be to work with non- residents of Georgia.

The absence of Georgia in the black lists of “offshore” countries, the high level of banking services (including high-quality online banking) and the refusal of Georgia to join the OECD International Convention on the Automatic Exchange of Tax Information (CRS) can save money without violating the law. There is no exchange control in Georgia.

A company registered in the free industrial zone of Georgia is exempt from taxes on:

  1. Profit
  2. VAT (Value added tax)
  3. Dividends
  4. Customs duties on export and import
  5. Excise tax

Georgian companies are entitled to duty free trade with the EU, EFTA (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway), preferential trade with China, Turkey, the USA, Japan, Canada, the CIS countries. Residents of the zone got the opportunity to receive a certificate of origin "Made in Georgia" for goods manufactured or processed in Georgia.

A citizen of any country, including remotely, can open a company in a free industrial zone of Georgia, by proxy, it is not required to contribute authorized capital. There are 5 free industrial zones in Georgia:

  • PPE Tbilisi (TFIZ)
  • PPE Hualing (Kutaisi)
  • PPE Poti (PFIZ)
  • PPE Kutaisi (KFIZ)
  • PPE Kulevi (oil)

The physical location of the zone is important only for those businesses that are engaged in the production and storage of goods directly on the territory of the SIZ. For companies providing services, the location of the zone is not important, since all the free industrial zones of Georgia have representative offices in the capital of the country, Tbilisi, where current issues can be resolved.

Open a company in a free industrial zone

The national development agency of Georgia recommends for the work of the PPE and the Hualing (Kutaisi) and the PPE Tbilisi. For those, who cares about the close presence of the black sea port – PPE Poti, but for all other uses its better to refrain from using the zone. The remaining PPE are inactive, or not stable.

To create a company in the free industrial zone in Georgia, there is a need to registrate the company in that zone, and receive licenses for a certain type of activity. The license will be renewed every year.

The cost of opening a company in a free industrial zone of Georgia is the sum of the cost of registering a company in PPE and annual license fees. You can open a company remotely, physically not being in the territory of Georgia, using our services.

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