Representative office opening

office opening

We open a turnkey representative office of your company in Georgia. The presence of an office and local employees (the so-called Substance) is a necessity at the moment for any company where the owners are not citizens of Georgia.

Even if your company fulfills its activity outside of Georgia, its office is located in another country, and you do not plan to move – when opening a company in the Georgian jurisdiction, you must have at least minimum representation. Otherwise, local banks won’t work with your company (they will not open an account or will close it after a short time)

These regulations are used in all commercial banks in Georgia since 2019 and are the result of following global trends in the mandatory presence of Substance and preventing the use of jurisdiction only as a “shell”. Our agency, depending on your questions will help open an office of a company of any size, will pick local employees, and organize the work of a representative office.

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