Virtual (IT) Zone

IT Zone

The virtual zone was created for the companies, which work in the information technology area (IT) create software for many different operation systems, mobile apps, work in the telecommunication area, hosting, etc.

Any freelancer, who is connected to IT can register a company – for example it works remotely on a big company in the information technology area.

To open a company in the virtual zone in Georgia, it’s necessary to register the company in Georgia, and file a petition in the ministry of finances of Georgia to obtain this status, attaching the bussiness plan in georgian language.

The virtual zone of Georgia pays following taxes:

  • VAT – 0%
  • Income tax – 0%
  • Dividend tax – 5%

At the same time, the payroll tax remains at the level of the general Georgian - 20%

Lawyers in our agency can help you create a company in the virtual zone of Georgia, and will also take care of creating of the business plan (from your words), and will open a bank account for that kind of a company.

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