Starting a business in Georgia

business in Georgia

Starting a business in Georgia requires an integrated approach and a thorough analysis of the upcoming activities. Even if it looks easy, starting a business in Georgia requires attention to detail and knowledge of local legislation - this is necessary to avoid problems in the future. Choosing a form of ownership and a tax regime is the foundation of your business, it will be impossible to correct mistakes made at this stage.

Registration of the company in Georgia

The law on “on businessman” equalizes the rights of Georgian citizensof Georgia and foreigners (a different approach will be only at the level of opening a current account in a Georgian bank).
A citizen of any other country can start a business in Georgia, of any form of ownership. That also includes getting a status of an individual businessman. Georgia does not establish a minimum authorized capital.

To start a company, there will be a need of a legal address ( it is important to remember, that using the services of massive unverified registrars you can end up on the black list of the georgian banks in the opening state of a current account.) To be able to get the status of an individual businessman, a registration at the place of residence is required.
At the stage of registering a company in Georgia, you will need a translator or the knowledge of the Georgian language. We draw your attention to the fact, that the register of the entrepreneurs is open, that means that any person who is interested, can find out the information about the owners, and other information about the company. If you order the documents of the company beforehand in English, then the information will be available in English, if you do not order that kind of a service, then only in Georgian.

Our agency will help you in all stages of the opening a business in Georgia. From analyzing your case at the first stage of opening a company in Georgia, obtaining a "white" legal address to registering an already open company on tax accounting. The opening of a company in Georgia and a tax
registration can be accomplished remotely by a notarized power of attorney to a representative of our agency.

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