Obtaining a residence permit

The lawyers of our company will supply detailed advice on obtaining a residence permit in Georgia, select the optimal strategy depending on your case, will help prepare the necessary documents and will do a full legal support for your applications, so it is possible for you to obtain a residence permit in Georgia as soon as possible and at the lowest cost

Political refuge

Our lawyers will help prepare all the necessary documents for obtaining the status of a political refugee in Georgia, and will advise on all the intricacies of this issue.

Georgian citizenship

The company’s lawyers will conduct a detailed consultation on how to get a Georgian citizenship. They will help you choose the best strategy for you personally, will help collect all the necessary documents, guide you to language courses, in case the acquisition strategy provides for the exam passing procedure.

Legal support

We provide full legal support to individuals, provide notary services, represent the client in courts, provide the service of immediate departure of a lawyer if necessary (24/7)

Obtaining Schengen visas

If you want to receive a Schengen visa without a Georgian residence permit, and you are a citizen of Russia or Belarus, you can use the services of our service. Our lawyers will prepare all the necessary documents themselves and send your passports to Moscow. A prerequisite for getting a Schengen visa without personal presence is the presence of your fingerprints in the data base of any state of the Schengen area, it does not matter in which country you submitted your fingerprints. The price is 250 euros for a single-entry visa and 350 euros for a multi visa. Plus,  the cost of DHL delivery to Moscow and back (about $80)


Buying real estate in Georgia or renting apartments/ houses in Georgia is fraught with many nuances. Our experts will hwlp you find the right accommodation for you free of charge according to your requests.

Bank account

Our lawyers will select the best banking product for you and help you open a personal bank account, including remotely by the power of attorney.

Other services

Our company provides a wide range of services for individuals on request. In our portfolio, we can highlight the following services:

  • Monitoring the condition of real estate during your long absence, paying utility bills, managing real estate at your request, renting, cleaning, etc. )
  • Courier services, personal driver services in Georgia, security services, transfers, meeting at the airport, long – term car rental, private aviation services
  • Selection of kindergartens and schools for teaching your kids in Georgia.
  • Personal assistant- consultant with knowledge of the Georgian language and Georgian realities. Any personal assignments that do not contradict the legislation of Georgia.